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Itemsa, with more than 30 years of experience implementing plans to improve competitiveness, presents APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0. The best simulator on the market for workload balancing optimisation.

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+ Productivity
+ Value added
+ Flexibility
+ competitiveness


APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0, our Lean software, helps you eliminate waste and make your factory more flexible, as it gives you the ability to perform endless simulations for different scenarios.

The closest thing you will find in the market is the advice our team can provide.

Approductivity 4.0 Suite Modules


Define working methods and determine times (stopwatch, MTM, etc.)

Reduce the time spent on machines setups and equipment changeovers

Improve the productivity through the Analysis and Improvement of Working Methods

Design any type of workload balance.


Dynamic Balancing

Detect deviations and reschedule in real time


Competitiveness KPIs and Incentives Manager

Tool to manage KPIs and calculate the incentives


APP for iPad and Tablets

Performs studies directly in the shopfloor, without having to enter manual data

Software Features

Manage quality, logistics, security and maintenance.

Create, manage and connect machines, cranes, tools, components, products and workstations to processes and operations.

Allows precise instructions to be added from photographs and the creation of images.

Designs and manages templates for the reporting of information to ensure compliance with standards.

About Us

We encourage collaborative effort.
You lower production costs.
Staff increases their efficiency.

We are experts in improving the productivity and competitiveness of our Clients. We drastically reduce process costs, optimise current resources and provide greater added value, with a rapid return on the improvement cost. To sum up: we transform your ideas into capital


Our experience in design in the management of the improvement of competitiveness - quality, costs and flexibility - led us to develop these tools to optimize the processes and make everything flow in to your company.

Thanks to APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 Work Analysis, we have gained greater agility to carry out the studies of times and to draw up the instructions sheets. Nowadays, simograma is a tool that has become fundamental for us since we use it both as an improvement tool and as a purely analytical tool.And it is very convenient to be able to directly move the taskbars on the diagram itself.
On the other hand, the latest improvements that have been incorporated in the balancing of people will allow us even greater capacity for calculation and optimisation.

Juan José Cambero Velasco
Huf España S.A.

Some years ago we thought that maybe it was time to abandon our wonderful EXCEL, with those MACROs and balances in CAD that we had so well achieved and worked on.
In our search for something BETTER we ended up finding several applications.Among all of them, we came up with APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 Work Analysis, a management software created initially for the use and enjoyment of its creators.
A software originally designed to improve their own consulting projects and which they ended up bringing to the market as part of their services due to the high demand from clients.Once we looked at ITEMSA and its application the doubts vanished and it became evident that it was what we wanted and needed.
Here you will find an easy migration of data, courses for the correct management of the application, support to generate a structure and correct coding of data (something extremely important for the great search tool available), etc.
But the best of all is that it never stops EVOLVING.Why?Because it is their work tool and they are improving it and adapting it to the new needs of the market.
Congratulations on the application!!!

Ginés Adán.
Departamento de Mejora y Métodos

Speed, simplicity, efficiency, visibility, and so on.These are just some of the advantages I've found since using APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0. Actually, there has been a before and after in the calculation of the times.
Thanks to this software I have been able to permanently wave goodbye to rudimentary data processes such as spreadsheets, papers, etc.Also, if you have any questions, they will respond quickly and immediately.A great advantage for companies that use their software on a daily basis and that need professional and real support.
When I have encountered a problem, its effectiveness and efficiency are proven.Everything is positive with APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0.

Crisanto Ayala López
Responsable del Departamento Métodos y Tiempos
Lean SchnelleckeLogistics España

The long-term relationship we have with Itemsa has been key in the standardisation, optimisation and industrialisation of the construction/assembly process of the wind farms.
They have been able to transfer our requirements and specific needs to incorporate them into the software in a flexible and efficient way.This has allowed us to optimise our processes, identify the tasks of added value in a visual way, reduce the critical path in our operations, and much more.
We have achieved all this in an agile way while maintaining traceability with the documentation and the product.

Ioseba Ucar Saralegui
Responsable Métodos, Tiempos y Mejora Continua - Dpto Construcción

I am responsible for Methods and Times of the company Zalux, I have been training to develop my work as Crono Analyst Technician since 2003.Since then I have been doing my job as I could: at the beginning with a pen and calculator, then with the Excel tables, and so on.
Therefore, APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 has been a before and after in my professional career.It has helped me to optimise my way of doing time studies, task assignments, balances and other daily and usual tasks that I have to carry out during my workday.
I strongly recommend the use of the tool since it allows you to move forward and develop your work in a fast, efficient and very clear way.

Amalio Millan
Industrial Organization Supervisor
OEM Systems Group

We have worked with Itemsa on several projects and their professionalism and knowledge have been key to the development of our work.We have also used APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 for many years as it is an effective tool that helps us keep all our processes organised and accessible.
Likewise, we have participated in various training courses taught by Itemsa in order to acquire the basic knowledge to put into practice the various techniques of its software.This training is always carried out in a very professional and ethical way that helps us improve and optimise our internal procedures.

Celestino Ardila
Métodos y Tiempos

After a collaboration of more than 12 years with Itemsa (and in three different companies), I can only say that the result has been exceptional.Always preceded by the achievement of results, not only do they provide a differential in the organisation, but also in an area as important as the training of all levels of the organisation.
We have worked in all fields and tools both in the operative part (organisation, methods, improvements, 5S's, SMED, etc.) and in the training (middle management, leadership, lean tools, project management, etc.)And, I can assure that in all cases, the result has been the expected one.
We cannot forget the Soft Itemsa, the tool that has been an asset in our methods department adding agility, precision and ease in the management of methods.
I would also like to highlight high level of experience, skills and professionalism of the people who make up the organisation and with whom I have had the good fortune to work hand in hand.

David Rodilla Coronado
Director de Operaciones BU1
MeleghyAutomotive Barcelona S.A.U.

From the first moment, our SMED project met the expectations we had. We managed to improve efficiency by 30% in the press section and continue to work hard to consolidate. We are very satisfied with the work done and, without a doubt, we continue to contact ITEMSA for our future projects and we are working to start the time study of our folder section.

Antonio Morales
Production Manager
Grupo Some

We have been successfully cooperating with Itemsa on different projects for many years and thus we decided to also incorporate their APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 software in two projects to improve the management of our plants, increase the productivity of our production line as well as the productivity of the process engineering teams. APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 allowed us to create both work instructions and task sequences in an agile and standardised way.
On the other hand, we needed to know and react in real time to what was happening in our production lines, which is why we implemented the dynamic balancing and work progress control solution to improve plant efficiency. Thanks to the initial implementation of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 and, subsequently, the EQUDIN-MES module, we were able to achieve the goals we had set for ourselves.

Javier Martín Parro
Fitting Process & Manufacturing Engineering Manager

ItemsaSoft Procesos has evolved incorporating more features and is now called Approductivity4.0


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