Improved factory productivity and flexibility with the implementation of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0

ALSTOM and APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 - Improving factory productivity and flexibility


Implementation of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 to provide a comprehensive solution to Process Engineering.

Case Study

ALSTOM wants to promote intelligent management by improving factory and Engineering productivity and providing a tool for the agile creation of Standard Operation Instructions (SOI)and Workload Balancing.

We accept the challenge of putting the flexible factory at your fingertips by offering you the possibility of simulating infinite scenarios. With the implementation of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 we are able to achieve the goals set.

Situación de Partida

Initial situation

  • Standard Operation Instructions (SOI)were generated or drawn up in Excel and/or Word. The result lacked visual appeal: non-standardized information and layouts, absence of photos and/or cutouts of drawings.
  • Lack of a unified MTM-system as well as an IT tool to optimize its management.
  • Each engineer and MTM-Analyst had their own times - in some cases, these times were determined by stopwatch timekeeping and, in others, based on historical data or estimates - and their own templates for the preparation of the Standard Operation Instructions (SOI), which were adapted to each case.
  • The concept and structure of Time Blocks or Tables did not exist.
  • Workload balancing (Static Line Balancing) was done with Excel and not with a specific tool.


  • Improving Factory and Engineering Productivity.
  • Standardization of a Visual format for the Standard Operation Instructions (SOI), based on a single template, to avoid creating them from scratch each time and thus reducing the time spent on this previously arduous work.
  • Drawing up a Structure of Task and Subtask Tables in order to have a correct starting point to:
    • Calculate the correct execution times quickly and with the required accuracy.
    • Print the Standard Operation Instructions (SOI)with a single Click.
    • Create workload balancing (Static Line Balancing).
  • Automatic and real time updating of both times and documentation: SOIs, BOM, tools, tooling, etc.
  • Traceability guarantee
  • Use of a tool to automate the preparation of the Workload balancing (Static Line Balancing), offering the possibility of simulating infinite production scenarios.


Thanks to the Implementation of ItemsaSoft PROCESOS® (currently APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0) as a comprehensive solution for Process Engineering and the Work Analysis department, the customer's needs are met, and the following results are achieved:

  • Reduction by more than two thirds of the time dedicated to the drawing up of Standard Operation Instructions (SOI) and the corresponding calculation of the time allocated to each Operation by Process Engineers and MTM-Analysts.
  • Standardization and unification of the procedures and tools used by the Process Engineering and Work Analysis departments.
  • Generation of a Time Block Structure (Tables) for an agile and accurate determination of times.
  • Flexibilization of the Factory thanks to the possibility of simulating infinite scenarios.
  • Creation of a tool which allows the calculation of the necessary Templates by professional specialty (skill).


Productivity improvement in the assembly process of trains.