APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 adds 2 new features to produce more and more cheaply

If you are looking for different results, don’t always do the same thing.

Do you want to improve productivity in any work process?

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0, our Lean & Industry tool 4.0, is designed to cooperate with you, and we constantly evolve it to offer you all the functionalities you need to improve the productivity and competitiveness of your company.

That is why, after months in which we have already incorporated and tested them in real projects, we want to introduce you to the incorporation of 2 new functionalities within the multiple solutions that the software already provides you with:

  1. On the one hand, SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die). A new tool that helps you to optimize the use of machines and installations while drastically reducing the time spent on set-ups and changes of series, format or model.
  2. On the other hand, the Work Methods Analysis and Improvement feature, which helps you to improve productivity through exhaustive, standardised and detailed analysis´ of work methods and, based on this, allows you to improve them.

These new functionalities we present here will allow you to get the most out of your current productive resources, without the need for significant investments in new means of production.

As always, we integrate all the tools you need to improve the competitiveness of your company in a single software, helping you to eliminate wastage from your production chain.

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0, Infinite improvement in your hands.

Our experience, know-how and advanced methodologies used in countless productivity improvement projects over the last 33 years have enabled us to standardize in these two new APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 modules (SMED and Methods Improvement) the optimal procedures for identifying and quantifying opportunities for improvement of productivity in any work process (productive, logistical, administrative, preparation or format change, etc.) in these two new APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 modules (SMED and Methods Improvement). Therefore, with the Methods Improvement module you will be able to:

  • Combine the improvement proposals according to their typology
  • Calculate the impact of each of them in terms of their potential savings and profitability
  • Configure optimized future work cycles, based on the new methods and expected times after the implementation of the planned improvements.

In the case of SMED, this module is designed to optimize setup times by improving the working methods of “change and setup” tasks phase by phase:

  • Phase 1: Identify and separate those tasks that must be carried out with the machine at a standstill from those that can be carried out with the machine running, thus distinguishing between Internal Operations and External Operations.
  • Phase 2: Transform those activities that are normally carried out with the machine at a standstill into actions that can be executed with the machine running.
  • Phase 3: Turning Internal Operations into External Operations through Methods Improvement and/or incorporating tools.
  • Phase 4: Optimization: to achieve Improvement of Methods for both Internal and External Operations.

Improve your efficiency with APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 by optimizing machine changeovers and set-ups!

Up to now, APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 helped you to set the standards.
Imagine how much you can gain by reducing them.

Would you like to discover the advantages of these two new features of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0?
We invite you to the presentation webinar!

In order for you to see the potential of all these new features, we invite you to attend the presentation webinar on Wednesday,15th December 2021 at 11 am.

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