Approductivity 4.0 joins Smartech Cluster and Secartys

We have signed new strategic alliances for innovation and competitiveness improvement in a sustainable future with the Secartys business cluster.


We reinforce our commitment to technological development and innovation applied to the productivity improvement of our clients

Approductivity 4.0 is already part of Secartys, a business ecosystem comprising four clusters and a business association, aimed to promote the digital transformation and energetic transition of Spanish industry, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of its members and to help to position them abroad.

We have joined Smartech Cluster, which gathers more than 180 technological companies and boosts innovation and digital transformation in companies of any sector through training and outreach activities, assessment, grant management, etc. to promote both basic digitalisation and the implementation of the most advanced technologies (AI, IoT, Blockchain, …) in business processes, internally as well as externally.

approductivity4.0 smartech cluster secartys

The Approductivity 4.0-Secartys/Smartech Cluster alliance: a win-win partnership for our clients and their companies

This new alliance is also strategic for our clients, as Approductivity 4.0 clients will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by both organisations, such as specialised training and grants and financial funding for industrial sector, for instance.

Smartech Cluster has developed more than 50 technological innovation or R&D&I projects between 2021 and 2023, has organised more than 300 technology outreach meetings and events and has obtained more than 5,000,000 euros in grants and subventions for its associates.

All the benefits and opportunities that our customers can take advantage of and profit from through this alliance with Secartys and Smartech Cluster for the promotion of innovation, green transformation and business competitiveness will be announced and detailed in detail very soon.


Secartys, a business association that promotes the improvement of competitiveness

With over 50 years of experience committed to improving competitiveness and positioning the industry and its associates in the foreign market. Its values and objectives are complementary to those of Itemsa and Approductivity 4.0, a software application developed with lean orientation for Industry 4.0.

As we mentioned, Secartys is made up of several clusters. Approductivity 4.0 has joined Smartech Cluster, recognised by the Spanish Industry State Department as an Innovative Business Grouping. Smartech Cluster promotes digital transformation and technological development with a strategic and global approach that promotes the opportunity to open up to new national and international markets, technology dissemination, funding for its members and collaborative innovation.

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