Approductivity 4.0: new functionalities and modules

This is a time for innovation and upgrades in our productivity improvement software, Approductivity 4.0. The suite designed and developed specifically to improve the productivity and efficiency of companies incorporates new functionalities and updates its modules to optimise processes’ performance in a whole way.

We have refreshed our corporate identity, redesigned our video presentation and incorporated significant new functionalities and features on our software

It was only a few months ago when we redesigned Approductivity 4.0‘s image, renovating our corporate identity and updating its brand style, which is in constant evolution and that, based on the continuous improvement culture we instil in our clients, continues to develop and progress to provide even further and better features and functionalities to optimise companies’ productivity.

Approductivity 4.0 has been updated to meet the needs arising in the market and those of companies. We have recently presented these new features at the Industry 4.0 Congress “Advanced Factories 2024” and we have also launched an overview video to demonstrate Approductivity 4.0 in a more concise way.

Video: Approductivity 4.0 suite and its new functionalities and modules:

The Approductivity 4.0 suite includes four complementary modules that cover the entire company’s production or service process, from planning to after-sales service, undergoing the remaining stages such as quotation, industrialisation, production, internal logistics, warehousing, expeditions, etc., in order to optimise all the phases and tasks of the process.

The Approductivity 4.0 suite modules are:

  • Process Engineering: Work analysis, process engineering, methods improvement, SMED, static balancing.
  • Dynamic Balancing: Dynamic balancing and production process monitoring and real-time replanning options.
  • KPIs and Incentives: Monitoring of established key indicators compliance and variable compensation allocation.
  • Tablet Plus: To carry out method and time studies by industrial timming and MTM from the shopfloor.

Finally, we have produced a video to explain in-depth what the suite has to offer and what the new modules consist of.

Video: Approductivity 4.0 suite in detail and functionalities:

Approductivity 4.0‘s evolution means its adaptation to the current moment and to the real needs of companies, the problems to be solved right now. And there is no better way to highlight the value and potential of these new functionalities incorporated in the Approductivity 4.0 suite than through real implementation projects and our clients’ experience.

Soon we will share the new videos demonstrating how these new functionalities work. We will also reveal case studies showcasing all that these new functionalities bring to the first companies that have already implemented them.

Approductivity 4.0 is an IT solution focused on improving productivity in a comprehensive way. We realise that the implementation of any software system of this nature generates many uncertainties and challenges that can’t be clearly described. For this reason we provide a free demo to test and prove all the benefits that Approductivity 4.0 can do for your company.

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