Approductivity 4.0, we renew our corporate identity, as Lean as ever, more Industry 4.0 than never before

We are evolving at a key point for us, introducing new functionalities and enhancements to our Approductivity 4.0 suite.

We began developing Approductivity 4.0 more than twenty years ago and since then it has been used by our customers to optimise their processes and improve their competitiveness, while adapting to the specific needs of each company and process. Approductivity 4.0 was initially developed as an internal tool to support the development of our projects.

For more than two decades, Approductivity 4.0 has been integrated into the daily processes of large multinational companies, as well as local companies and, above all, SMEs. Its versatility makes it possible to tailor the techniques implemented by large companies to the day-to-day work to companies of all sectors and sizes, with the same objective: to improve its competitiveness.

Today’s competitive environment is highly dynamic, with rapid transformation and constant technological and technical evolution. Strategies, quality and environmental standards, forms and methods of production have undergone change, but one thing has remained the same: companies need to always keep improving its competitiveness.

Approductivity 4.0, a brand for today’s challenges

Approductivity 4.0 has grown and evolved. Today we present a new brand, an update of the corporate identity of Approductivity 4.0, the Lean software that helps to eliminate non-value added activities and Industry 4.0, to control the production process in real time and to simulate workload balancing in multiple production scenarios.

This brand update conveys the evolution of our tool, it is a solid brand but also innovative, flexible and up to date.

The rebranding of Approductivity 4.0 also includes the different modules of the suite and their functionalities, which are visually unified with a renewed image.

Itemsa presenta la nueva marca de Approductivity 4.0 el software lean para industria 4.0


New features and functionalities

Alongside the new brand, there are other new features that enhance the performance and the features of the suite. These include improvements to the technical features of the suite to optimise the user experience and usability with a revamped user interface, new functionalities and modules to improve business processes in an agile, reliable and flexible way.

Continuous improvement is our motto. That’s why in the coming weeks we will be presenting case studies of the implementation of the new features, video demos and presentations of everything that the new Approductivity 4.0 incorporates. Today you can already watch a preview in the following video:

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