Processes engineering benchmarking between Alstom and Airbus Defence and Space to learn about best practices in the application of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0

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On November the 14th we have carried out a benchmarking at Alstom‘s facilities so that Airbus Defence and Space engineers could see a real application of our APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 software.

Airbus Defence and Space team contacted us a few weeks ago because they wanted to implement a balancing solution in their factories.

After being introduced to our software, they were very interested in finding out about a real application of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 to perform workload balancing and that is why we reached out to Alstom, which has been using our tool for many years, in order to prepare a joint session with real examples.

alstom airbus approductivity 4.0Balancing of assembly lines based on multi-operator stations

In order to carry it out, we have prepared a benchmarking session in which Alstom‘s engineering team, which has been using our software for this purpose for many years, has shown to the Airbus engineering team the best practices using APPRODUCTIVITY4.0. They were able to explain the main advantages and improvements that the implementation of our software has brought them and how to apply it in practical cases such as those that were demonstrated during this session.

The participants in the session were the following people:

  • Albert Calvo, ITEMSA Technical Director and APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 co-creator and member of the development.
  • Christoph Gammel d’Airbus Defence and Space
  • Daniel Morilla, Alstom
  • Javier Martín, Alstom
  • David Calvo, General Manager at ITEMSA and APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 CEO
  • Kelvin Roberts, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Robert Meier, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Alexander Rapp, Airbus Defence and Space

After observing it in action during the session, the Airbus team found this tool particularly useful to improve the productivity of their factories by improving balancing on multi-operator stations. If you also want to see how our Balancing of assembly lines based on multi-operator stations tool works, you can see an example below:

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