1. Work Study

Tools for setting the standard for how to work (for the different simulated scenarios) and managing the information and documentation associated with the processes, methods and times, in the areas of Engineering, Quality and Production.

2. Static Balancing

Tools for solving any type of workload balancing: Single-Product Lines (Batches), Multi-Product Lines (Mix), Manufacturing or Assembly Cells and Multi-Operator Stations.

3. Dynamic Balancing (EQUDIN-MES)

Tool for knowing what is happening in your manufacturing or assembly line or cell in real time. Alerts are triggered when any deviation from what should be happening is detected, allowing you to respond quickly and on the spot: rescheduling tasks, expanding teams or work shifts.

4. Quality, Logistics, Security and 1st Level of Maintenance

Creation, management and association with the Processes and Operations of numerous pieces of information and documents regarding Quality, Logistics, Security and the 1st Level of Maintenance:

5. Resource Management

Multiple libraries allow you to create, manage and associate Processes and Operations with information on:

  • Machines
  • Manufacturing means
  • Cranes and other limiting resources
  • Workstations
  • Plans
  • Products
  • Components

6. Graphic Editor

Module for creating images from photographs, editing them to add clear instructions (on Quality, Assembly, Safety, etc.)

7. APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 Processes - APP for iPAD

Tool for carrying out time studies -MTM or Timekeeping- in the factory, without the need to manually enter the data later on.

8. Document Management and Reporting

The software incorporates numerous templates for reporting information, for example:

All generated documentation can be enriched with plans, photographs, videos, etc.

It also incorporates a reports editor to adapt them to each need or requirement. It is compatible with other management systems (for example, ERPs or document management), therefore document management can be done in a "zero paper" format


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