Here we present videos with simulations so you can discover the main features of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0

As you already know, APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 integrates in a single software all the tools you need to improve the competitiveness of your company, adding value to its work ecosystem. It is the best software for balancing workloads and making your processes more flexible. It is designed for Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing.

Our software allows you to increase productivity, increase added value, gain flexibility and improve competitiveness.

And so that you can discover it in the most comfortable and simple way possible, we have created a section with videos that will allow you to see simulations of how the main tools included in our software work. In this section we present, by way of short videos, examples of some of the functionalities of our software, performing simulations applied to actual examples that allow you to see in each case how an improvement in productivity and/or production efficiency, capacity utilisation and/or an increase in production capacity is achieved.

vídeos simulacions approductivity 4.0

For the moment, we have published videos on the following tools, and we will gradually add more:

  1. Improvement of Working Methods: Learn how to improve productivity through Work Methods Analysis and Improvement.
  2. Work cycles: Improving resources utilisation: We demonstrate how to reduce cycle time and increase production capacity by improving the utilisation of resources (people, facilities and machines).
  3. Work Cycles: Increase in production capacity: Find out how our software helps you increase production capacity by reorganising tasks and/or adding more resources (people, facilities and machinery).
  4. Balancing of single-product work lines (Batches): An app that allows for the design of infinite workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in batch assembly lines (specific balancing for each product or product family and scenario).
  5. Balancing of multi-product work lines (Mix): A tool that allows for the design of infinite workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in MIX (multi-product) assembly lines (product lines of the same product that are assembled or manufactured in a combined and interleaved manner).
  6. Balancing of manufacturing or assembly cells: Allows for the design of workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in manufacturing or assembly cells (the jobs are fixed and have cycle times that are difficult to divide and a variable number of workers depending on the work requirements).
  7. Balancing of assembly lines based on multi-operator stations: A tool to design infinite workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in those assembly lines based on multi-worker stations (takt time comprehends several hours).
  8. EQUDIN – MES (Dynamic Balancing): A tool to monitor and visualise the work progress and detect possible deviations or risks between what is happening and what should be happening; allows a reduction in the gap between Reality and Standard.

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 is for those seeking a significant increase in the efficiency and flexibility of their business.

If you find these simulations interesting, please contact us by filling out the form below, where you can explain your particular case. We can prepare a customised simulation for you to see the improvement potential that APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 can provide to your company.

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