Introducing the professional office version of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0

mejora procesos despachos profesionales

Together with José Antonio Bernáldez of Bernaldez & Asociados, we have developed a version of our APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 software which is adapted to the needs of professional offices in different fields (architecture, law firms, etc).

As a result of the collaboration between José Antonio Bernáldez and Itemsa, it became apparent that many professional offices need to improve their processes while at the same time requiring their digitization.

José Antonio is the Partner-Director of Bernaldez & Asociados, a firm specialising in tax consultancy and business management of professional offices which has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, but he also cooperates with Escola Sert, the COAC and the Surveyors’ Foundation of Madrid in professional office management courses. Hence his extensive knowledge of the sector and its needs, which we have applied in this version of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0.

In its development we have combined José Antonio’s knowledge and our own know-how, experience and methodology aimed at optimizing existing resources in companies from different sectors to enhance APPRODUCTIVITY4.0′s immense potential.

The improvement of processes in professional offices and their digitization.

Our experience in the design and implementation of projects to improve productivity and competitiveness – quality, costs, flexibility, etc. – 20 years ago led us to create the necessary tools to optimize processes and and we continue to improve and refine our software day by day to respond to the new challenges faced by companies.

In this case, digitization offers us new tools, which were unthinkable up to now, to further improve the processes that are so important for professional offices. However in our consultancy projects we encounter a major weakness every day when it comes to implementing these digitization strategies, systems and tools: there is no point of reference, no standard:

  • Companies have information available to them of
    • KPIs and indicators (more or less well defined)
    • Data collection and analysis systems
    • Tools for digitization
    • But they have neither defined, nor measured nor optimized standards

Improving productivity and efficiency is about continuously improving processes and thus standards.

Defining standards therefore becomes a key factor that will also allow us to know the gap in each project or task with respect to them and, starting here, we will be able to work on improving the efficiency of the different processes.

In order to improve productivity and efficiency, incentives are another good tool, which serve as a lever for continuous improvement. To create a system of incentives we need to:

  • Define KPIs (OEE, efficiency, performance, delivery times, quality, etc).
  • Set goals for the office, for each department, individual workers, etc.
  • Define monetary incentives by task and category/professional group.
  • Define the nature of theses incentives for each organization/category/professional group.
  • Calculate the incentives to be received by each person according to the fulfilment of their individual and collective goals.

Therefore, in a professional office we need first to streamline processes, then to standardize them, thirdly to measure them, then to assign tasks and calculate the workloads of the different people involved, and finally to implement alternative planning measures (flexibilize) in order to balance the workloads to then constantly monitor the progress of the projects and detect possible deviations from these pre-established standards in order to be able to react before it becomes impossible.

In order for you to better understand the potential of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0, our CEO David Calvo explains in the webinar of less than half an hour that we present below how our software can help the processes of digitization and process improvement in professional offices of different kinds:

If you want to improve the processes and productivity of your professional office and increase its digitization, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to prepare together a customized simulation for you to see the improvement potential that APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 can provide to your company.

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