Balancing of multi-product work lines (Mix)

Balancing of multi-product work lines (Mix)

How to design infinite workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in multi-product assembly lines (the various product models pass through the line in a combined and interleaved manner, the line speed is constant, the workload, and therefore the load capacity of the workers, is different for each model).


This video uses a car seat assembly line as an example and shows the various issues that arise during the balancing of workloads of multi-product assembly lines (Mix) as we assign tasks (some common ones as well as others, which are only applicable to some product model(s)) to the various workstations:

  • Workstations which, on average, exceed the required workload.
  • Workstations which, for some specific models, exceed the required workload.
  • Workstations which are excessively underloaded.

The video also shows the visualisation of a matrix that presents the load capacity of each workstation and model, indicating with a colour code, whether the workload in each case is within, below, at the limit or exceeds the required margins. In the example, cases of all types are shown and how they would be solved thanks to the use of our software to reorganise the tasks between the different workstations in an agile way with the help of the “drag and drop” method.

The video shows the tools APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 offers for the reassignment of tasks in order to optimise and balance the work load of both workstations and workers.

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