Balancing of multi-product work lines (Mix)

Balancing of multi-product work lines (Mix)

How to design infinite balancings for all possible scenarios that may come up, in MIX type assembly lines (the different models flow along the line in a combined and intercalated way, the speed of the line is constant, the workload -and, therefore, the saturation of the people- for each model is different).

This video shows the different problems that arise in the process of workload balancing:

  • Workplaces that, on average, exceed the required saturation.
  • Workplaces that, for some specific models, exceed the required saturation.
  • Workplaces that are excessively undersaturated.

A visualisation of the saturation matrix is also shown, workplace by workplace and model by model, indicating, with a colour code, whether the saturation, in each case, is within the acceptable range, below, at the limit or exceeds it.

The video shows the tools offered by APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 for the reassignment of tasks to optimise and balance the saturation of people.


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