Balancing of single-product work lines (Batches)

Balancing of single-product work lines (Batches)

How to design infinite workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in batch assembly lines (specific balancing and specific workstation configurations for each product or product family and scenario).

The following two examples are shown in this video:

  • The first example is the optimization of line balancing for a set-up with 6 work stations.
  • The second example is the re-balancing process for a set-up with 5 work stations.

In both cases, please note that APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 offers an easy way of implementing a reassignment of tasks to optimize and balance the saturation of work stations and workers.

As is well known, single-product production lines are lines that manufacture a single product or family of products for a predetermined period of time. For this purpose, the work stations, machines, materials and workers are arranged in an optimized way and, when that production batch is finished, the line will be prepared for the production of another product or family of products.

In the video simulation, the site is set up for 6 workstations with all the tasks assigned to each one. From here, the re-balancing is performed to achieve a better saturation of the workstations and workers. When moving the tasks between workstations, the program shows in red the amount of time in which the optimal time is being exceeded, the optimal time being what would allow the maximum possible saturation to be reached (in this case, 100%).

Next the video shows in a very fast and agile way how to build a new setting, which in this case is for 5 workstations and based on the previous setting designed for 6 workstations.

In order to implement this re-balancing, it will be necessary to consider which tasks can or cannot be performed in each workstation, the degree of specialization of each worker, etc., but the software will also offer aids and tools at all times to speed up the simulations and to avoid making mistakes that could lead to the creation of impossible work scenarios.

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