EQUDIN – MES (Dynamic Balancing)

EQUDIN – MES (Dynamic Balancing)

How to monitor and visualise the work progress and imminently detect possible deviations between what is happening and what should be happening, i.e., how to reduce the gap between Reality vs. Standard.


Improving productivity is about improving processes and standards, but it is also about ensuring that these standards are met on a day-to-day basis.

This video shows the various functionalities of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 aimed at detecting possible deviations and, if necessary, taking the appropriate countermeasures in real time to prevent these possible deviations from becoming cost overruns by:

  • Interrupting a task.
  • Ending a task.
  • Rescheduling tasks.
  • Adding and/or removing workers
  • Changing the sequence order of tasks
  • Moving operations to other workstations or times
  • Extending and reducing the work shift
  • Transferring information / documentation
  • Establishing special controls

In the video we can see examples of how to transfer the engineering simulations to the “real world”. We no longer assign workers but specific people, with specific skills, and we have to consider these skills, their availability, etc.

Once the corresponding simulation version has been uploaded to the planning and the specific people have been assigned, we can monitor and track in real time, what should be happening and what actually is happening.

We see how the system also uses colour codes to show us whether tasks have been completed correctly or belatedly, whether they are at risk of being delayed, etc. which allows us to track the whole cycle.

This monitoring offers the possibility to intervene and replan in real time, while taking countermeasures so that the planned production target can be reached at the end of the shift.

In addition, with our software, workers can consult the Work Instruction Sheets step by step, access the list of materials, know which tools to use for each task, etc.

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