EQUDIN – MES (Dynamic Balancing)

EQUDIN – MES (Dynamic Balancing)

How to monitor and visualise the work progress and detect at an early stage possible deviations between what is happening and what should be happening, i.e. how to reduce the Reality vs. Standard gap.

This video shows the diverse functionalities of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 aimed at detecting possible deviations and, if necessary, taking the appropriate corrective measures in real time to prevent these possible deviations from turning into cost overruns:

  • Interrupt a task.
  • Terminate a task.
  • Re-scheduling tasks.
  • Adding and/or removing operators.
  • Change the sequence order of tasks.
  • Move operations to other positions or moments.
  • Extend and reduce the work shift.
  • Transfer information / documentation.
  • Establish special controls.

In addition, operators can consult work instruction sheets, access the list of materials, know which tools to use, etc.


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