Improvement of Working Methods

Improvement of Working Methods

How to improve productivity through Work Methods Analysis and Improvement.

This video shows how to reduce the cycle time in a job involving one person and two machines, thanks to the application of the Analysis and Improvement of Work Methods technique (critical analysis, task by task, about what is done, how it is done, when it is done, who does it, …).

The first step to improve the productivity of both the processes and working methods of a company is to record and time how the work is being done at the moment. This module of APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 allows to record and determine the execution times of all the tasks performed by both workers and machines to visualize graphically how the work cycles are performed, their duration and their use of resources.

Once we have recorded and timed all the tasks in the work cycle, we can analyse each task performed, understand why and how it is done and record improvement ideas in the program. We can then estimate what time savings each of these improvement proposals can entail and decide which ones to implement and which ones not to implement, and finally, to simulate what the work cycle would be like, how long it would take and, consequently, what the potential savings are.

In the video simulation, the result of using the Work Methods Improvement module is an 18% reduction in cycle time, from 115.99 seconds to 95.05 seconds, an increase in machine utilization and person´s work load: and, therefore, an increase in the production capacity per hour of 22% (from 31.04 u/hour to 37.88 u/hour).

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