Work cycles: Improving resources utilisation

Work cycles: Improving resources utilisation

How to reduce the cycle time and increase the production capacity by improving the resources utilisation (people and machines).

This video shows how APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 achieves an increase in production capacity by reducing cycle time through task reorganization.

This tool is used to analyse whether the order in which the tasks are carried out can be optimized.

In the simulation we appreciate that there are blank spaces, called “residual times”, which are those times during which the worker has to wait for the end of the automatic cycle of the machine, called “automatic machine time”.

This feature allows us to simulate different cycle configurations to try to make better use of these worker waiting times while the machines are running, so that we ultimately obtain a reconfiguration of the work method that allows us to reduce the cycle time and, therefore, increase production capacity.

In order to carry out this type of improvement it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the process and, on some occasions, to incorporate new, low-cost and quickly amortisable means of production.

The result of using the Utilization Improvement module in the simulation in this video is a 38% productivity improvement (a reduction in cycle time from 95.05 seconds to 59.28 seconds) and a 60% increase in production capacity (from 37.88 u/hour to 60.73 u/hour).

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