We would like to present the different types of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 licences and configuration possibilities adapted to the different needs of our clients.

APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 is a Lean software focusing on Industry 4.0 which, among other things, was created to help companies to improve and standardise their processes, to eliminate waste and to make factories more flexible. This is achieved, for example, by being able to carry out infinite simulations for different scenarios, with alert functions to inform you when the standard starts to deviate and providing the necessary tools to reschedule based on this data, etc.

Our software offers numerous tools, modules and functionalities that allow it to be customised to cover the different needs that our clients might have and any specific particularities of their processes. In addition, we also offer some extra modules which may be required to meet the needs of some of our users as well as different types of licences that respond to the specific requirements and circumstances of our customers.

approductivity licences and setup

In short, we provide you with a comprehensive software that puts the flexible factory in your hands and allows you to:

  • Do things right the first time (“First Time Right”).
  • Improve efficiency and multiply productivity.
  • Significantly increase flexibility.
  • Simplify weeks of work in a single click.
  • Provide greater productive adaptability in the service of profitability.

And because we stand for cost-effectiveness and flexibility, our software is just as cost-effective and flexible, which is why we offer licences and customised configurations to suit our customers. We’ll tell you more about it below:

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 Licence Types and Programmes

APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 is the most complete software on the market when it comes to increasing productivity, flexibility, added value and competitiveness of your company, but not all companies have the same needs, which is why we have different configuration options that adapt to the needs of each company:

  • Lite: This version features the basic modules and functionalities of the software (Estudios de Métodos y Tiempos mediante Cronometraje, Tablas de Tiempos Predeterminados, Estudios de tiempos para almacenes, Máquinas, Cálculo de coeficientes de descanso, Herramientas, Pautas de Calidad, Grúas y Recursos limitantes, Pautas de Embalaje, Puestos de trabajo, Gestión Documental y Reporting, Componentes, Soporte a Producción, Productos, Vídeos, Editor Gráfico, Links, base de datos propia para el equipo asignado, instalación monopuesto (Standalone o Workstation) y licencia asociada al equipo concreto.
  • Lite + Opciones: It has the same functionalities as the Lite version and also allows the incorporation of some of the following tools and functionalities: FMEA, Static Balancing (Mix, Batches, Cells, Multiple Worker Stations), Improvement of Methods, SMED or Studies of Methods and Times by means of predetermined MTM Times (MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-SD, MTM-SAM, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, MTM LOGISTIC, …), MOST, MODAPTS, etc.
  • Pro: It features all the functionalities of the Lite version and, in addition, FMEA, a static type of balancing and the Method and Time Studies using MTM predetermined motion time systems listed above.
  • Pro Plus: This is the full software version, which provides the customer with all the functionalities of APPRODUCTIVITY4.0.

In addition, any of these options is available in a network environment with our Net Plans. This means that a client-server modality will be installed and that the licensing system will be a floating system and will allow to work simultaneously on as many client computers as licences are purchased.

Additional modules

On top of all these tools and functionalities, there are two extra modules that can be added to the configuration of the software that you can combine in order to have the most complete product on the market:

  • Dynamic Balancing Module (EQUDIN-MES)
    This module provides real-time information on what is happening on a plant’s production lines. It is equipped with an alarm system to detect and alert of any deviation from the standards, thus offering the possibility of rescheduling and adapting to such changes.
  • Competitiveness KPI and Incentives Manager Module
    This module facilitates obtaining the best possible results for the company, quantifying them in real time and rewarding the employees who have produced them. It accomplishes it by managing the main KPIs and calculating the corresponding incentives to be awarded according to the results obtained globally and individually.

Licensing contracts

At this point, you are probably wondering how you can acquire the licences and what they cost. In fact, we offer two systems: purchasing and leasing licences:

  • Licence leasing: This is a SAAS (Software as a Service) system in which you pay a fee for maintenance and the number of users who can use the software.
  • License purchase: In this case you purchase the number of licenses with a configuration tailored to your needs, as well as, on request, a maintenance service and an upgrade to the latest version of the software.

Based on the configuration requirements and the number of licences for each company, we will provide details regarding the options and prices for purchasing or leasing the right to use the licences, as well as the training for the team that will be using them.

To find out in detail about all the options available, you can consult this link.


Itemsa offers an annual Maintenance Service to APPRODUCTIVITY4.0 licensees which includes telephone assistance (“help line”) as well as the right to have at least one annual update of the licensed software.

In other words, we can guarantee that APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 means greater productive adaptability to improve your profitability. We can offer you a version of the software that is sure to adapt to your needs and take your company one step further, which is why we invite you to contact us by filling in the form below and explaining your case to us. We will then prepare a simulation with real data in order for you to see for yourself.

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