APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 provides your company with numerous benefits

With the aim of improving the results of our technical measures and managing our projects more efficiently in order to improve productivity, in 2001 we developed our first IT tool.

Since then, we have made sure to keep on updating our software, until ultimately transforming it into the perfect tool for improving your company's competitiveness.

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 is the result of having adapted that starting point to the evolution of the industrial world.

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 takes a Lean approach in order to reduce waste and add more value. It helps you to made production more flexible with shorter series and to eliminate or reduce unnecessary costs.

We can assure you: APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 is greater productive adaptability at the service of your profitability. Our Itemsa know-how is the best guarantee

APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 is backed by our 35 years of experience in improving productivity


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