Balancing of manufacturing or assembly cells

Balancing of manufacturing or assembly cells

How to design workload balancing for all possible scenarios that may occur in manufacturing or assembly cells (the various jobs are fixed and have cycle times that are difficult to divide, the production capacity varies depending on the number of workers assigned to them as well as the distribution of tasks among them).


APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 allows us to design all possible scenarios for the same manufacturing cell.

This video shows on the right of the pop-up window in red the different workstations that make up the cell. Below, two simulations for 2 and 4 workers are displayed.

As a result, the circuit each of the workers will carry out, is illustrated.

The aim is to achieve the maximum possible flexibility, given that different volumes can be produced in the same cell without the need for configuration changes, and depending on the number of workers who join the cell.

If the distribution of tasks between workers is implemented with our software, the scenarios for all the possible combinations of workers that can be assigned to the cell will have been anticipated and thus we can guarantee the best allocation of tasks as well as the maximum and most efficient production.

In short, this video shows which tools our APPRODUCTIVITY 4.0 software provides to reassign tasks to optimise and balance the cell load of workers in a manufacturing or assembly cell.

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